Sabina Savage launched her eponymous brand in 2014, offering heritage inspired, elaborate prints on exquisite fabrics.

Fantastical stories are woven through each hand-illustrated collection, meandering across continents and delving headfirst into the depths of history. Each detail within a design holds a key to the tale, and every design is a treasure trove of references. The animals in each illustration will gladly narrate you their story.

Tales of explorers, sultans and the fall of Pompeii sit alongside a Royal Menagerie, ancient Persepolis and ritual divination ceremonies. Witness the events unfold through the eyes of the animals present; take a journey into their imaginary version of events. Discover the detailed collections and follow a silken thread through time and across the globe, stitching a connection through our wildlife, our history and the natural world. You may just find a happier ending for all the protagonists.

Each illustration is intricately hand drawn by Sabina, sometimes taking up to six weeks for a single design, before being printed onto the finest silk, wool and cashmere. The detailed and multifaceted illustrations are carefully engineered around the fabric to create a unique scarf with a signature aesthetic.

A capsule collection of clothing accompanies each collection, the illustrations delicately rearranged to create artisanal, placement prints on elegant, timeless silhouettes. From silk twill lounge trousers to silk velvet jackets, there is an offering for everybody.

Each scarf and garment is designed in London then printed and skilfully hand-edged between England and Italy.




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