View the collection illustrations in progress, and see how the drawings transform into detailed and intricate scarf designs. Sabina creates a story for each collection, as shown below, which is then illustrated and narrated through her elaborate handiwork.


Great powers stir within three ancient Chinese specimen chests, long forgotten in an alchemist’s study.

In an alchemist’s repository in Peking, three wooden specimen chests lie untouched by time. Old kimonos lie discarded around them; ribbons of silk tattered and forgotten. Once a store for rare ingredients, the room has been still for over a century; Until now. As the lid of each chest slowly prises open, a flurry of moths disperse and rain soft dust around the room. An elegant wing steadily releases itself, and as the lid of the first chest drops back, two golden crowned heads delicately appear, glad to stretch their long graceful necks after all these years locked away. Slowly and cautiously, a pair of glowing green eyes flickers in the shadows, and then another. Two ornate clouded leopards thrust open the lid of their ancient chest and begin a swirling struggle amongst the bones and trinkets of their isolation. The third chest begins to rattle and shake, and a flock of shimmering blue kingfishers struggle against their tethers as they try to burst free. The Tibetan Antelope calmly looks on, rousing herself from a long sleep.


This collection references the beautiful costumes of the Chinese Opera and the incredible work of artist Ron Pippin.

Below you can find images of the illustrations in progress. Each illustration is drawn in it’s entirety, and no detail is repeated.

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