A travelling animal circus train crashes in rural Peru. 

As the doors of their cages spring open, each of the captive animals discovers their new found freedom. They escape into the surrounding villages using the only means they know; the skill from their captivity becomes their vehicle to freedom. To disguise them from the persuing ringleader, the local villagers adorn the animals with native textiles, tassles and bells.

The tigers gather speed, rolling on a striped hoop whilst the rabbit tumbles inside to keep up. The bears make their getaway with the help of the circus cat, pedalling into the jungle and through the snake’s nest. The ponies gallop to safety, lead through the wilderness by Peruvian parrots.

This collection is a fusion of inspirations. From antique circus posters featuring ferocious and exotic beasts from distant lands, to wild and untameable South American jungles, to the beautiful images in Alta Moda; Mario Testino’s homage to the traditional dress of his native Peru.

This page features a selection of hand drawn print illustrations in progress. If you would like to use any of the images, please send an email to info@sabinasavage.com. Thank you. 


Gathering speed as they roll, the escaped tigers can’t believe their luck as they tumble and somersault their way through Peru. Tassles and pompoms adorn them as they travel, and the rabbit does his best to keep up!

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Photo 11-09-2015 12 35 23

Photo 14-09-2015 17 17 20

Photo 16-09-2015 09 41 23

Photo 18-09-2015 11 54 51

Photo 23-09-2015 10 42 53

Photo 08-10-2015 18 07 28

Photo 25-09-2015 14 42 41

Leaping their way out of danger, the ponies are shown the route to freedom by the native Peruvian parrots. Their circus harnesses are embellished with fringing and thread to disguise themselves in their new surroundings.

Photo 05-11-2015 17 28 04

Photo 06-11-2015 16 02 55

Photo 09-11-2015 15 13 24

Photo 09-11-2015 18 29 57

Photo 10-11-2015 17 21 10

Photo 12-11-2015 11 05 31

Finding their footing on a tiny wooden wheel, the bears pedal into the wilderness. They are inexperienced in this landscape, and stumble upon a snakes nest. Luckily, they are navigated out of danger by the keen eyes of the keymaster’s cat.

Photo 16-10-2015 15 47 09

Photo 22-10-2015 10 45 17

Photo 22-10-2015 17 01 40

Photo 22-10-2015 18 13 04

Photo 23-10-2015 10 54 36

Photo 26-10-2015 16 17 08

Photo 29-10-2015 14 31 10

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