A traveling animal circus train crashes in rural Peru.

As the doors of their cages spring open, each of the captive animals discovers their new found freedom. They escape into the surrounding villages using the only means they know; the skill from their captivity becomes their vehicle to freedom. To disguise them from the pursuing ringleader, the local villagers adorn the animals with native textiles, tassels and bells.


The Autumn/Winter 2016 collection was born from a fusion of inspirations. From antique circus posters featuring ferocious and exotic beasts from distant lands, to wild and untamable South American jungles, to the beautiful images of Alta Moda; Mario Testino’s homage to the traditional dress of his native Peru.

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Animals circuses were, and unfortunately still are in some parts of the world, a cruel and immoral way for these magnificent animals to be kept and often mistreated. However, in the 1900’s, a large proportion of the western population would never have seen such creatures before and could barely imagine their ferocity; The arrival of these striking and savage beasts needed posters which would advertise their exoticism.


This need for displaying the ‘exotic’ often resulted in the animals on the posters being adorned with exotic looking accessories, whether it were indian tassels, embroidered rugs or little bells. This element has been carried over into the collection, by decorating my animals with traditional Peruvian accessories to disguise them from the ringleader.


Most of the inspiration for my traditional Peruvian accessories came from Mario Testino’s fantastic book, Alta Moda. Being Peruvian himself, he took beautiful portraits of the native dress of his home country as a way of preserving the culture for years to come.


Ancient Peruvian textiles and embroideries were also a major influence; the textures, colours and patterns are stunning.


For the story behind each individual design, please see the descriptions alongside each  design in our shop.

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