The studio moodboard for O, Divina Natura is full of colour, nature and history. Discover key elements of Sabina’s research here, and view some of the images which inspired her designs.


This collection references the beautiful Azulejo (painted tile) art of Portugal and Brazil, often containing trompe l’oeil scenes within alcoves in the walls. Religious roadside shrines and tributes around the streets of Europe also play a large part, alongside the beautiful Renaissance paintings, altarpieces and triptychs which inspired them. Finally, this work cites the intricate hand painted illusions of mural artist Graham Rust.

Below you can find the moodboard and a selection of relevant images.

The O, Divina Natura moodboard

An ancient painted church ceiling

The azulejo tiles of Portugal

The azulejo tiles of Portugal

A trompe l’oeil building facade in Lisbon

Gilded religious portraiture

Trompe l’oeil murals by artist Graham Rust