Cave Canem <h6>Water/Ink</h6>
Cave Canem <h6>Water/Ink</h6>
Cave Canem <h6>Water/Ink</h6>
Cave Canem <h6>Water/Ink</h6>
Cave Canem <h6>Water/Ink</h6>
Cave Canem <h6>Water/Ink</h6>
Short Jacket<h6>The Royal Striped Horses -Pastel/Pearl</h6>

Cave Canem



As the padlock is released by the kindly heron, the greyhound makes his way to the courtyard aviary. The mosaic tiles beneath his feet read Cave Canem (Beware of the Dog), but the birds need not fear him today. His spiked collar is worn as protection from other beasts, but he is not a fighter by nature.  He gently straps the birds to his back and makes haste to the shoreline. 

These large, pure cashmere backed stoles are the ultimate in winter luxury.

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Sabina Savage Luxury Scarf

First, Sabina Savage draws each illustration. As a result, they take up to six weeks. 

Consequently luxury scarf designed in London and finally produced by the artisans of Como, Italy.

Buy this luxury scarf in Wool/Silk, Cashmere/Modal, Silk Twill, and Silk Twill Pocket Square.

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