The Cougar and Serpent <h6>Slate/Bone</h6>
The Cougar and Serpent <h6>Slate/Bone</h6>
The Cougar and Serpent <h6>Slate/Bone</h6>
The Cougar and Serpent <h6>Slate/Bone</h6>
Short Jacket<h6>The Royal Striped Horses -Pastel/Pearl</h6>

The Cougar and Serpent



‘As the sun began to rise over the wild fruit fields, I drew the pomegranates, figs and persimmons, surrounded by glorious wildflowers. Without warning, a magnificent cougar leapt through the branches, struggling and twirling as a serpent wrapped around her. She looked directly into my eyes for a second, and in a flash, they were gone.’ – AS

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Sabina Savage Luxury Scarf

First, Sabina Savage draws each illustration. As a result, they take up to six weeks. 

Consequently luxury scarf designed in London and finally produced by the artisans of Como, Italy.

Buy this luxury scarf in Wool/Silk, Cashmere, Silk Twill, and Silk Twill Pocket Square.

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