The Princely Parrots <h6>Pistachio/Peridot</h6>
The Princely Parrots <h6>Pistachio/Peridot</h6>
The Princely Parrots <h6>Pistachio/Peridot</h6>
The Princely Parrots <h6>Pistachio/Peridot</h6>
The Moon <h6>Heather/Smoke</h6>

The Princely Parrots



Swooping through The Tower and out into the streets beyond, the mischievous parrots head straight for Hyde Park. They fill their claws with riches from The Jewel House, and joyfully scatter them over the gardens as they fly. The Sovereign’s Sceptre gleams in the soft daylight, accompanied by Queen Victoria’s Coronation Ring.

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Sabina Savage Luxury Scarf

First, Sabina Savage draws each illustration. As a result, they take up to six weeks. 

Consequently luxury scarf designed in London and finally produced by the artisans of Como, Italy.

Buy this luxury scarf in Wool/Silk, Cashmere, Silk Twill, and Silk Twill Pocket Square.

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