The Great Exhibition Jacquard Blanket Stole

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The Great Exhibition

Great Exhibition

This design tells Sabina’s imagined version of the historic journey of Johnstons of Elgin from Scotland to London’s Crystal Palace for The Great Exhibition in 1851. The tale unfolds across the length of the scarf, traversing from left to right. The design shows the animals of the Scottish Highlands helping to carry Johnstons’ fine threads and fabrics to display in London, starting with the stag and hare, and weaving ‘downriver’ to the London pigeon and swan. The river depicted in the design transforms from Elgin’s River Lossie to the London Thames as the story progresses. The ancient and picturesque London to Elgin trainline is featured, alongside much of Scotland’s beautiful flora and fauna. This piece starts and finishes with nature, from the beautiful cashmere fibres, though the illustrated wildlife and finishing with the incredible teaseling process at the Johnstons of Elgin mill.