The studio moodboard for The Medieval Bestiary is a treasure trove of ancient artworks and animal references. It has a palette of potent, rich colours and highlights of gold and silver.

Discover key elements of Sabina’s research here, and view some of the images which inspired her designs.


This collection was inspired by the many and varied representations of nature and animals in medieval art. Through illuminated manuscripts to stained glass windows, from tetramorphs to tapestries (and in particular The Unicorn Tapestries of the 16th century), these designs contain references to a rich era of creature captivation. The medieval collections at The Met Museum in New York, Le Musée de Cluny in Paris, and The Bodleian Library in Oxford were all great sources of inspiration. Essays by Michel Zink, Michel Pastoureau, Timothy Potts, Elizabeth Morrison and Emily Rundle were also founts of information and influence for these works.