Endangered and threatened species



The Samplers of Sincerity collection showcases exclusively endangered and threatened species in each design, such as the Black Footed Ferret, pictured above. In a world where the plight of endangered and threatened species has become a pressing concern, this collection shines a spotlight on these vulnerable creatures, be they animals or insects, through its unique and captivating designs. 

During her research, Sabina discovered the remarkable conservation initiatives of Born Free. Intrigued by their work, she reached out to explore ways of collaboration and contribution. As a corporate partner of Born Free, we have committed to donating 10% of every scarf sold from the "Samplers of Sincerity" collection to support their tireless efforts in preventing the exploitation and suffering of animals. Our aim is to actively advocate for a future where animals and humans can coexist harmoniously, safeguarding threatened and endangered species for generations to come.



List of species featured in this design:

Japanese crested ibis (Toki), Fruit dove, Araripe Manakin, Waldens Hornbill, Javan green magpie, Cerulean paradise flycatcher, Red fronted macaw, Marquesan kingfisher, Juan Fernandez fire crown, Glaucous macaw, Puffin, Hoary throated spinetail, Galapagos penguin, Gorgeted puffleg, Regent honeyeater, Kakapo, Palila, Imperial woodpecker and Memento Mori: Bishops Oo (already extinct).



List of species featured in this design:

Jaguar, American bumblebee, Hawksbill turtle, Burmese star tortoise, Northern quoll, Fennec fox, Ring tailed lemur, Roloway monkey, Snow leopard, Okapi, Black rhino, Polar bear, Orangutan, African forest elephant, Aloeides, Langes metalmark, Memento mori (right): Atlas bear (already extinct), Memento mori (left): Tasmanian tiger (already extinct) and Memento mori (centre): Lesser bilby (already extinct).



List of species featured in this design:

Sumatran tiger, Red Panda, Giant Panda, Black footed ferret, Karner blue, Schaus’ swallowtail, Sussex emerald mot, Wolkberry zulu, Pearl bordered fritillary, High brown fritillary, Miami blue, Palos verdes, Black veined moth, White spotted sable moth, Macedonian greyling, Ornithoptera Croesus, Taita Blue-banded swallowtail, Eastern tiger swallowtail, Agrias amydon, ssp. boliviensis and Memento mori: Pyrenean Ibex (already extinct).