About the brand

Sabina Savage offers elaborate, heritage-inspired prints on exquisite fabrics. The brand produces two collections per year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, and each collection tells a different tale from the last.

Fantastical stories are woven through each hand-illustrated collection, meandering across continents and delving headfirst into the depths of history. Each detail within a design holds a key to the tale, and every design is a treasure trove of references. The animals in each illustration will gladly narrate to you their story.

Tales of explorers, sultans and the fall of Pompeii sit alongside a Royal Menagerie, ancient Persepolis and Medieval beasts. Witness the events unfold through the eyes of the animals present; take a journey into their imaginary version of events. Discover the detailed collections and follow a silken thread through time and across the globe, stitching a connection through our wildlife, our history and the natural world. You may just find a happier ending for all the protagonists.

Our collections are all produced between Italy and the UK.

Sabina’s history

Following three years in Paris studying the art of couture, Sabina moved to London to hone her skills. Time spent working in several high-end ateliers taught her the techniques required to branch out alone. Sabina Savage launched her eponymous brand in 2014 and has since grown the label organically.

The Design Process

Sabina’s design process begins with the research phase. The first weeks are spent exploring museums and galleries, before honing in on the beginnings of a story. Books on specific subject matter are a great help, and extensive notes are taken until a tale comes together.

Once the mood board is complete, Sabina moves onto the drawing phase. Small, rough sketches are made to decide on a vague composition, but the true design work happens on the final illustration. Each drawing takes between four to six weeks to complete and is drawn in its entirety. This ensures that each corner of every design is unique, offering the wearer versatility and variety when knotting the finished scarf. 

The illustrations are scanned using a large format, fine art scanner, and Sabina can then begin work on the colouring process. Each drawing is intricately coloured, ensuring the colour sits beneath the pencil lines; This preserves the integrity of the original pencil drawing and allows for multiple colour ways to be produced. The colour palette for each collection is led by the mood board and initial research.

Every season, Sabina designs a capsule collection of clothing to accompany the scarves. The clothing is intended to enhance and expand each collection story, helping to bring the illustrations to life in a new way. 

Working with placement print is far more complex and methodical than traditional all-over prints. During the production stages, our London workshop hand-cut each pattern piece individually, ensuring the seam prints will align perfectly. This process is laborious and time-consuming, but allows for an exquisite finish.

Our clothing collections are printed in the UK and hand-assembled in London.