The Jaguar's Paradise Silk Ribbon Large

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Samplers of Sincerity

The Jaguar's Paradise

The jaguar in all splendour resides in paradise,
Her spots aglow, her whiskers keen, she prowls the gardens twice
For grace and virtue will not save her flock in all their glory,
As clouds approach to cast shadow and end their innocent story.
O, help we must! Let’s aid these beasts and do the work together,
By joining in and acting fast we’ll end their inclement weather.

List of species featured in this design:

Jaguar, American bumblebee, Hawksbill turtle, Burmese star tortoise, Northern quoll, Fennec fox, Ring tailed lemur, Roloway monkey, Snow leopard, Okapi, Black rhino, Polar bear, Orangutan, African forest elephant, Aloeides, Langes metalmark, Memento mori (right): Atlas bear (already extinct), Memento mori (left): Tasmanian tiger (already extinct) and Memento mori (centre): Lesser bilby (already extinct).